High Risk PCI and Research

Dr. Ramzan M. Zakir is the Director of High Risk Percutaneous Coronary Intervention & Research at Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas University Hospital.

Dr. Ramzan M. Zakir

Attended the 31st Annual Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics(TC) conference in San Diego

Treating each and every patient as if they are family
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Dr. Nihir B. Shah, I have been a patient of yours for 15 years and you have seen me through open heart surgery and stents over the years. You are caring and have always given the time for any cares or concerns I might have had. I have, and shall continue to recommend you to anyone seeking a good cardiologist. You truly deserves the excellent reputation you enjoys.

Alan S.

Dear Dr. Ramzan M. Zakir , Hello. How are you? We’re fine. I just wanted to write a brief note. Also, to send a grateful thank-you for prolonging my mother, Cecelia N. quality of health. She feels good! I owe it to you. Really. The stent ‘operation’ in 2011 was a success. All the medication prescribed by you has no side effects, Thank you. She’s in better health than me. I always speak of you, Doctor Zakir and the professional staff you have. I never experienced the kindness and help in an office before. They are such nice people. It’s a pleasure to talk to your staff. Thank you again Doctor Zakir. I wish you the most happy day! We will see you soon.


Dear Dr. Ramzan M. Zakir , I was on my way to lunch with a very good friend of mine who happens to be a cardiologist. He asked me to stop at his office with him because his son's best friend's father was in the hospital, and they told him he needed open heart surgery. He wanted to go over their findings with Dr. Zakir. During their conversation, Dr. Zakir explained that the patient did not need open heart surgery, but more likely just a few stents. On the way to lunch, I questioned my friend about the difference of opinions. I wondered how the hospital could say the man needed open heart surgery but two doctors disagreed. The answer he gave me was, "Dr. Zakir has great hands." Little did I know, three years later, these great hands would be putting a couple of stents in me. Remembering what I knew about Dr. Zakir and his great hands, I felt incredibly lucky for him to do my procedure. I don't think I could have felt more comfortable, and the results were great. Recovery was quick and painless due to the procedure of inserting the stents in through my wrist, a procedure that Dr.Zakir teaches. I consider myself both blessed and fortunate to have him as my cardiologist. Thank you so much Dr. Zakir.

George B.

Hi Joanne (Office Manager), It was great to meet you today. I wanted to write and say how wonderful the staff members are in your office. I had a series of tests done on 12/4/15. I first saw Jimmy and he prepared me for the stress test. I had to lie on my back and be scanned and I don't do well lying on my back, but with his calm voice, he got me through it. Next, I saw Erin who was totally professional and sweet. I then saw Yllena (not sure of spelling :) and she was kind and patient. After that I started the stress test, which I did not do well with, then had to go back to Jimmy. We had to stop and start the scanning several times because I got anxious. He was, by far, the perfect person to get me through these scans. He was patient, soothing and played my favorite music on the laptop..Dave Matthews and then talked me through the rest of the scans. He was fantastic. It was a long day, but your staff made it all bearable!! Today 12/14, I had Yllena and Erin again and they once again had great patience. Thank you very much! Happy holidays!

Michelle L.

Dear Dr. Ramzan M. Zakir , Words could never express the gratitude in my heart for the wonderful surgery procedure you performed in my right leg. I knew from the first moment I met you in your office, you were the doctor I wanted. I could feel your concern and compassion as I explained the severe pains I was enduring in my leg. I told you how there were days I could hardly walk and you took the time and patience to explain the symptoms of peripheral artery disease and claudicating pain. I admired your look of confidence when you said, “I can help you..” You were aware of the urgency needed and scheduled my surgery immediately. Your office staff was kind and professional with all the tests the nurses performed on me. On the day of the surgery you took the time to meet my three children and assured them that I would be okay and that you would speak to them after the surgery was complete, which you did. I do know my vascular surgery had to be one of the most difficult once you’ve ever had to perform. Your soft and confident voice during the entire procedure kept me calm and assured me I was in good hands. In closing, I would like to say that God has bestowed a special gift unto you. You have the hands, knowledge and talent to help restore many peoples lives and to give them a second chance. I am proud to say that you are my doctor and I am confident that you will continue to make many more patients as grateful as myself. May God bless you and help you to continue your wonderful work.

John A.

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